Measuring and improving quality are key areas of focus for Specialty Solutions. The organization has an active quality committee comprised of an array of clinicians (including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and others), business leaders, and subject matter experts who have successfully developed and executed initiatives aimed at improving patient experience and the overall value of care.

Lung Cancer Pathway/ARTIST Program

In 2016, three Specialty Solutions practices - Spectrum Healthcare Partners, Chest Medicine Associates, and New England Cancer Specialists - embarked on a collaborative initiative to reduce the time between the diagnosis and initial treatment of lung cancer.  The video below highlights our success to date.

Quality Metrics & Reporting

The practices have developed a shared framework to report and measure the success of quality initiatives. Each year, Specialty Solutions practices report their performance for select metrics focused on patient experience, cost, access, outcomes, and other specialty-specific areas. 



"The Specialty Solutions quality improvement initiatives such as the ARTIST program have helped us raise the bar and make a real difference in patient care."

- Chiara Battelli, M.D.,  New England Cancer Specialists